My Favorite Shoes

Over the years I have accumulated quite a large amount of shoes. Most of them I don’t wear, but I think maybe I have an attachment to shoes? Whenever I feel like I should get rid of them I find a reason why I should keep them and a hypothetical event that I could wear them to. Call me a shoe hoarder if you want, but like they say, “a girl can never have too many shoes!” In this post, I have included just a few of my favorite shoes and why I like them so much.

These boots are probably one of my most worn of the winter/spring so far. I got them in December because I wanted the Doc Martens that looked exactly like these for Christmas but didn’t get them because they were too expensive. I found these at Forever 21 a few days after for only $40 compared to the Doc Martens price of over $100. I like that they have a platform because they make me feel really tall.
These boots I bought the summer before my freshman year of college and they were one of my biggest purchases so far. They were around $140 because they are real Doc Martens. Although they were expensive, I can say that they are very well made and have been worn through all seasons and still look like I just bought them this year. They are the style 1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up.
I got these shoes for Christmas because I wanted a white sneaker that I can wear with everything. As you can see by how worn of a look they have, I have worn them almost every day. My mom got them from Tj Maxx but they are the Puma Smash Platform Sneaker.
These heels I got when I was 16 at Gordman’s, which isn’t even a store that is in business anymore but they are my favorite heels that I have ever bought. There’s something about the style that I think is so unique. I wear them with dresses and I plan to wear them a lot this summer when I go to graduation parties and weddings. Although I’ve had them since 2016, they have held together very well.
I bought these heels freshman year for a sorority formal and I like them because they aren’t too tall but also have cool detail in the ankle and the pointed toe. I’m not a fan of open toed heels, so I like that these aren’t. I bought them from Kohls and they were super cheap but well made.

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