OOTW 4/5/2021 – 4/9/2021

This week has been abnormally warm- which I’m not complaining about! It was been in the 80s and 70s all week and because of this I can now show what I like to style for warmer weather. I don’t particularity like warm weather more than cold weather because in cold weather you can layer clothing pieces to make outfits unique. When it comes to warm months, I struggle with dressing cute because tbh most of the summertime I just wear Nike shorts and an oversized tee. There is less to work with and I prefer pants over shorts. I’m going to try harder this summer to step out of my box and wear more styled pieces, but for this week I kept my outfits pretty basic and minimal.

Dress: Francesca’s
On Monday I was in my hometown for a late Easter lunch with my family. It was around 75 degrees and sunny so I wanted to wear something I would be comfortable in and not sweat. I paired this dress with some white platform sneakers for a more casual look and a small white beaded necklace.
Tank: ROSS
Shorts: Dry Goods
On Tuesday I was back in Whitewater and it was almost 80 degrees. I spent most of the day at the library so I wanted to wear something I would be comfortable in. I paired this outfit with white sneakers and a small colorful beaded necklace and tucked the tank into the shorts.
Dress: Shein
On Wednesday it was around mid 70s and I also spent most of the day in the library so I wanted to wear something comfortable yet cute because later in the day I went to a nicer dinner, so I wanted to wear something appropriate for that so I wouldn’t have to change. I paired the dress with white sneakers and a small white beaded necklace.
Tank: Adika
Denim Jacket: H&M
Shorts: Shein
On Thursday it was in the higher 60s and rainy so I wore a jacket. I was in the library again- surprise, surprise. I wanted to be comfortable and this outfit was my favorite of the week for sure because of how comfortable and flowy the shorts were. I paired it with white sneakers and a dainty gold necklace.
Top: Walmart
Skirt: Princess Polly
On Friday it was around 60 degrees but I still wanted to wear a skirt. I paired it with this crew neck I bought for $5 from Walmart that I cut and cropped. I paired it with white sneakers.

What are you looking forward to wearing now that the weather is getting warmer? Comment down below along with your favorite outfit of this week! <3


  • Kelsey Jaeger

    I have so many tank tops in my closet that I am looking forward to wearing this summer! During the summer I would A LOT so I feel like I don’t have much time to wear clothing that isn’t my uniform. If I’m not wearing my uniform, I enjoy wearing just a basic t-shirt and jean shorts with Vans!

  • Emma Pisarek

    I can’t wait for the warm weather so I can wear some of my actual good clothes. I prefer summer outfits over winter outfits 100%! Too bad the weather is back in the 50s/60s these days.

  • Hannah Scorsone

    I am the same way when it comes to summer clothing, nike shorts and an oversized tee. I love the outfits you put together for the week!

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