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World Series (So Far)

The World Series is slowly coming to a close. It is crazy how fast this baseball season has came and gone. It feels like yesterday we were watching our favorite teams jet off to their spring training facilities to start practices. And now there’s only a couple (depending on the outcomes) of games of baseball left this season and then it is a long wait until March-ish when spring training begins again and players report.

Above is something that happened early on–Game 1 of this series to be exact– where comments made by an individual used inappropriate language after Game One ended. This is one of the juicy things that apparently happened and the individual has since been fired. There were mixed reviews on if people were “taking it too seriously” or not, but obviously the Houston Astros don’t play and they fired the person.

Astros ended up losing Game 1, but they are slowly starting to catch up to the Nationals and the overall series is tied 2-2. The Nationals won the first two games, but are slowly starting to slip and are currently losing 4-0. The National’s ace pitcher was scratched from tonight’s game, so we will see how things turn out for game 6 tonight.

I can honestly say I am surprised as how the series is turning out. The Nationals taking the series 2-0 really led me to believe that they were outright going to sweep the Astros. Now, I am thinking the opposite. I think the Astros are going to come back and fight harder, especially since they lost the first two games of the series.

Comment down below what you think the outcome of the Astros-Nationals World Series will be!

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