Black Friday Savings (MLB Shop)

Now that it really is Holiday shopping season and with Black Friday coming up in 3 days, I wanted to give you some places that also are doing good sales on your favorite team’s MLB gear. After recently receiving an email from the Shop, I got an insight on what they are offering for Black Friday sales online.

Even now, the shop is offering up to a 65% off discount online. I think that’s crazy and causes a lot of good apparel items to be on sale for a decent price. I would definitely recommend checking that out, because baseball merch is pretty expensive.

There is a code for 35% off your entire order with the code ‘POPUP’, so be sure to pay attention to the tops of the pages for MLB gear, so you can get extra discounts. Most of the time, the websites selling gear (Fanatics etc.) offer free shipping past a certain price point– often $21+, which is super easy to spend and a great deal if you think about it in the long run. Websites also have Holiday gift guides, so if you are not sure what to get for a certain someone, definitely check that out for guidance. The pages for gift guides also come with sub-categories, which also allows people to shop at certain price points, so if you are doing something like a secret santa, you can shop at the price point you and your group of friends have set.

I for sure definitely have my list of things I want to get. I have a lot of Cardinals shirts and other memorabilia already, but there is always room in my closet for more! Leave a comment below and let me know what is on your MLB list! Happy shopping for baseball gear!

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