Semester Reflection

Wow, I honestly cannot believe that this week marks the last week of me writing blogs. You are probably relieved that you do not have to read any more baseball blogs, but I am glad how much I learned throughout the course of the semester thanks to writing all these blogs.

Here is a list of the top three things I have learned while being tasked to writing theses blogs:

  1. Do not be afraid to push yourself out of your (writing) comfort zone. This is something I constantly worried about while writing for this blog. Am I writing enough? Am I writing enough engaging content? Am I actually entertaining whoever may (or may not) be reading this? Coming from someone who has never written anything, especially something like this for a ~grade~, I have learned to write how I think is my best version of a blogger. I needed to make sure I not only entertained (my professor mostly) whoever was reading this, but also myself– because I knew this semester long project would have been dreadful if I did not make it interesting to write.
  2. Organization. Organization. Organization. One of the most obvious, yet crucial things I learned from this. Especially since things in the baseball industry are changing so rapidly, it is important (and I learned how important) it was to organize my content.
  3. Time management. HELLO. I am a college student and especially making sure that I kept up with the latest trades/trade rumors/etc. I needed to learn how to make posts in a timely manner. This also came along with learning how to post on different days and also consistently checking my emails for the latest baseball news.

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