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Here are a couple of my favorite clips from the 2019 playoff season. These two clips are some of my favorite moments from past playoff games. The first is the Cardinals scoring an astounding 10 runs in the first inning fo the last game against the Atlanta Braves, which sent them off to the NLCS against the Washington Nationals. The second clip is from the LA Dodgers, who seemingly always seem to choke when they are in the playoffs and it clearly shows with Clayton Kershaw’s pitching when he gives up homers during a crucial game against the Nationals.

Obviously I have to start out with the Cardinals. This is from the NLDS when the Cardinals had an unbelievably amazing first inning against the Atlanta Braves. They scored 10 runs JUST in the first inning! When I was watching this game, I literally almost passed out and I mean literally, just because I have never witnessed the Cardinals score that much within the first inning. I recapped this game– which was the last of the series– in an older blog post, but the Cardinals went on to win the series and advance to the NLCS, where they were later swept by the Nationals.

This clip specially shows the LA Dodgers losing to the Washington Nationals. Howie Kendrick hit a grand slam during this game to give the Nationals a lead over the Dodgers and ultimately win the Nationals the game. Clayton Kershaw gave up two home runs in one game, so Kershaw’s post-season track record of choking in the playoffs continues. Is anyone surprised though? I am certainly not. Kershaw choked again a few years back when they played the Cardinals in the NLDS and gave up homers like it was candy on Halloween.

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