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MLB Gear

Do you ever wonder where to get the best deals on your favorite team’s baseball gear? Do you hate spending hundreds of dollars on pro-gear? Need an idea of where to get fan gear for those family members for Christmas or the Holiday season in general? Here’s the blog for you.

Like everyone else and as a broke college student especially I try to find the best deals when I want to get a newer styled t-shirt for the Cardinals. Looking on the team’s website store itself, often leaves me sad, because some of the merch is soooo expensive–which is completely understandable– but I hate not being able to afford the shirt or item I want. However there are ways around that.

Always shop sales. Especially around this time of year, teams are getting rid of their past-season merch items, making it a good time to score special deals on older items for the team, but newer items for you. Already I have seen team’s sites doing shipping specials and offering generous percentages off older merchandise they are trying to get rid of, to try and probably make room for their new merch next year. You can find shirts and jerseys for 50% off even and although some of their players might not play for them anymore, you can still score awesome deals on that stuff.

Other places to look for merch are department stores like Kohls and Target. Kohls often has deals (like getting Kohl’s cash) for spending certain amounts and offers percentages off baseball merch that they carry in their store. However it may be limited as to what you may find, but nonetheless, you can still find a pretty decent range of items to buy.

Online shops that aren’t directly the team’s online pro shop, can often find good deals and free shipping codes quite often. offers free shipping codes quite often for purchases over $21, which is not bad for if you are wanting to place an order for merchandise, and MLB Shop is offering early Black Friday deals right now for 20% off! To take away from this, be sure to keep email alerts for these places, as they’ll often send you notifications on their latest discount savings and alert you for their upcoming Black Friday deals!

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