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Sports and Stress

Being a blogger and full-time student in college, along with an internship is hard stuff. Not saying that I am complaining at all, because I know a lot of other students my age have that same problem, but it is just not something I am used to.

I wanted this week’s blog to steer away of the focus from the typical updates about the World Series, baseball overall to talk about how sports help me destress.

Like I said, I am a college student and we are currently in the midst of midterms. Half of the college student population is stressed out over exams, papers and whatever else their professor might decide to give them to do. I feel like college students– like myself– are so focused on studying and cramming, that we do not know good ways to take breaks and de-stress for an hour or two.

As you can guess, watching sports– whether it is baseball or football– helps me relax for a little bit, by watching snippets of certain games when they are on during the week.

My favorite thing to do is watch sports with friends. The majority of us out of my friend group tend to root for the same team (Go Pack Go), so we end up watching whatever game is on that night. Although all of them except for the two of us (Chiara and myself) root for the same (aka the WRONG) team.

Here’s a list of places we like to go and watch the game:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Various sports bars
  • Our living room (LOL)

Or there’s the rare time we all end up getting tickets and going to an actual game together, but that does not happen too often.

Overall, it is just a fun time to get together with my roommates/literal best friends and have some fun and de-stress for a few hours and watch a sports game. And although we may not all root for the same team, just being around each other, eating good food and chilling out is the best thing I could do when I am stressed about school.

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