Feelings,  Post-Season

What to do when you’re emotional about your favorite team losing in the post-season.

You do nothing. Maybe if you are of age, go out and have a couple drinks with friends to dry and drown out the sorrows– just kidding that’s a bad idea and I do not condone drinking to solve your problems at all. Then again, you are probably getting crap from your friends about your team losing, so it does not really help the situation or make you feel any better.

If I am being honest, I do not know what the best way to deal with a loss. When you are a huge sports fan like myself, it is hard to watch the team you have supported all season– and teams you have supported for years– lose in such an exciting environment. Especially when your team has not made it to the playoffs in YEARS, it is even more devastating watching them lose.

It is inevitable that your team will either win or lose. For me, the Cardinals losing (to me in an embarrassing fashion) against the Nationals, made me not only feel upset, but in a sense, angry. You always want your team to do well and it is even more upsetting that when your team makes costly mistakes that ultimately costs them the game. However, you got to get over it and look forward to what spring training brings and how your team looks for the next season.

Sometimes you want to cry. Sometimes you want to throw your tv out the window because the team is doing terrible during the game. Sometimes you want to forget your favorite team was ever playing in the post-season. Honestly it overall just sucks. Or you could be optimistic and look at the positive side and be happy your team even made it there in the first place. After all, true fans will be there for their team through the good and bad times. As I say time and time again, you always want your team to do well and to advance further in the series, but sometimes that isn’t possible.

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