NLCS Recap

Well if you are a Cardinals fan like myself, you are probably devastated at the fact they not only lost the NLCS, but got embarrassingly swept by the Washington Nationals last night.

Not once, NOT EVEN ONCE, did the Cardinals lead the game in this series against the Nationals.

Dakota Hudson pitched for the Cardinals in game 4 of the series. After two not-so-good pitches, the Cardinals gave up SEVEN RUNS to the Nationals in the first inning. Big yikes if you ask me. That’s almost as embarrassing as when the Cardinals scored 10 in the first inning against the Atlanta Braves.

I have to give it to the Washington Nationals though. The win yesterday is sending the franchise to their first World Series berth in 86 years. Their pitching is pretty much unmatched and their hitting is pretty decent as well.

Now we have to wait and see the results from the Astros and Yankees series. (I do predict though the Astros will end up winning the World Series again though). The winner of that ALCS series will go on to play the Nationals in the World Series, best of seven games.

Bet Bryce Harper feels pretty bad now.

Here’s a snapshot of the final score of the game yesterday. As you can see the Cardinals were 0-4 in the series, meaning that they were swept by the Nationals. The series was best out of seven games and the Nationals won all 4. In basic terms, the R, H, & E stand for: runs, hits and errors. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the turnout is for the World Series!

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