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Why are the Cardinals my favorite team?

I wanted to interrupt my typical post-season blog writing, with a fun little excerpt with why the Cardinals are my favorite team.

No I am not going to sit here “trash” talking the Brewers or the Cubs– although that would make for an interesting debate blog– but instead kind of tell my story on how I grew to love the St. Louis Cardinals.

First of all:

  • Yadier Molina (aka the GOAT) is one of the best catchers in the MLB
  • Cardinals have 11 World Series titles


  • They are the Cardinals what’s not to like about them

In reality and long story short, I started off as a Brewers fan. Tragic, I know. But when I started getting older and formulating my own opinion, I started taking a “liking” to the Cardinals to annoy my dad since he’s a big Brewers fan– mostly did it out of spite. Ever since then it has just stuck with me.

I am not even from St. Louis, so it really does not make any sense at all why I would even bother liking the Cardinals. All my friends are either Brewers or Cubs fans too, so that doesn’t add to the fact. Maybe I should convince them to come to the dark side. After all, it’s only been since 2011 when the Cardinals won their last World Series title. For the Cubs it took them 108 years to win again and the Brewers haven’t even won a title yet.

I would also like to the bring up the fact that even though my friends and family give me a hard time for liking them–especially when they weren’t playing good– that it’s only been 4 years since the last time they went to the playoffs and seven years since they’ve made a World Series (WS) appearance. Who’s to say title number twelve won’t come this year? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s funny how the odds have played out for the Cardinals this season– winning the National League Central title and now vying for a trip to the NLCS with a game 5 impending for the NLDS.

Anyways, I wanted to insert this little piece here, so that my readers and followers will know that if it seems like I am favoriting the Cardinals over other teams, they’re probably right. And if my writing tone changes after game 5 tomorrow night, you’ll know why (but I’m hoping for a Cardinals win so).

Catch ya (get it) next blog! #TimeToFly

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