If you are a St. Louis Cardinals fan like myself, you would know how happy I was to see the Cardinals clinch the National League Central title last night. They had one a ONE GAME lead over the Milwaukee Brewers going into last night, so it was imperative that they win that game. However, if you look at the outcome possibilities, this seemed to be the best case scenario.

These were the possible outcomes from an article written from CBS Sports:

  • Cardinals win and Brewers win (Cardinals win NL Central)
  • Cardinals win and Brewers lose (Cardinals win NL Central)
  • Cardinals lose and Brewers lose (Cardinals win NL Central)

And the worst case scenario:

  • Cardinals lose and Brewers win (Game 163 would have been played Monday September 30th in St. Louis for the tie)

But that does not matter because the ST LOUIS CARDINALS WON THE DIVISION LAST NIGHT. And it is the first time since 2015, when Mike Matheny was their manager that they claimed the NL Central title. I could have cried yesterday watching that game, because everyone wants their favorite team to win their division and hate seeing their enemies advance farther (Sorry Brewers).

The final score of the game was 9-0 Cardinals. After Fowler, Carpenter and Goldschmidt hit homers yesterday, it was clear that the Cubs (RIP to their season) were not going to come back. It was 9-0 after the fourth inning after all.

Oh did I mention that after the game ended yesterday, Joe Maddon is out as the Cubs manager? And now he’s an apparent contender for the Angels manager since they just fired their old one. Sorry to my friend who’s a big Cubs fan, but Cubs just weren’t doing it this year.

I believe the Cardinals surge and their desire for a post-season berth became stronger, after they swept the Cubs all four games at Wrigley Field for the first time since 1921. I think that was the key turning point and what they needed to keep their morale up for the remainder of the season.

So look out for the Cardinals because it’s #TimeToFly

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