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It’s Crunch Time

Ah October baseball is slowly coming to a start. Did your favorite team make it? Or did they crack under pressure at the last minute. Either way, the best time of the year is soon upon us– well…at least my favorite time of the year is almost upon us.

Besides NFL Sundays and the basic trips to the apple or pumpkin farm– where most of the time is spent trying to get a good Instagram picture– fall baseball is where it is at. It is the most anticipated point in the season for any player who yearns to get that post-season berth with their team and definitely my favorite part in any sporting season (Yes that does trump the Super Bowl). The coveted World Series ring is what the players have probably been aiming for their whole career. From playing peewee baseball to starting in the majors, players dream of winning the World Series title from a young age. Besides that, it is really the only thing ESPN and other major sports media channels (Fox Sports etc.) cover.

Everyone wants their favorite team to succeed, but not all will. As I said previously, it is important to remember these teams that are competing for a playoff berth, they are going to play harder than ever. Even someone who was not the biggest fan of baseball until I started high school in 2012, I always wondered what all the hype was about. Why are all these people talking about baseball? What is so good about it? Curiosity got the best of me, and assuming people around you talk about it like it is no tomorrow, eventually you’ll get sucked in like I did.

Let me know in the comments if your favorite team made it or not!

Busch Stadium 2017

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