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Growing up around baseball and being a long-time baseball fan myself– specifically the St. Louis Cardinals– I have always wanted to share my passion for baseball and my personal experiences attending games, with the world. I think it would give great insight to everyone who may just be starting to get into baseball, or those longtime followers, updates with what the hottest trends and news in the industry are. There’s a plethora of opportunities to see baseball news that does not specifically have to do with all the statistics and factual evidence behind the mechanics of the sport.

And in the midst of the craziness of the NFL season starting, it is important to remember that baseball season is not over yet. Although it may be starting to wean down with teams getting eliminating from the post-season, it is still a time to be excited to see who advances. No matter if you are a fan of baseball or not, this blog will aim to provide those who may not be as big of a fan as I am, with opportunities at and around the stadium where you could still have fun.

As I said maybe a thousand times before, I want to take the fun approach to things. Whether you are a huge fan or whether you just take to the sport because of your friends and family, I hope you find my blog to be a home run…get it? Well I tried at least. Be sure to keep a look out for upcoming posts on the latest post-season news and my predictions as to who could win the World Series!

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