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The Tangled Skirt

Posted in General Production, Scenic Design on June 16th, 2016 by Eric Appleton

The Summeround shows are in full swing, and “The Tangled Skirt” will be heading into tech sooner rather than later. Steve and the summer shop crew have been working hard, and when I finished up my paint work on Monday, the wall were pretty much ready to go up after the floor dried.

Here’s Emily sealing the floor:

I went away for two days, and when I came in the morning, here’s what it looked like:

The Tangled Skirt

Posted in General Production, Scenic Design, Scenic Painting on June 9th, 2016 by Eric Appleton

Summeround is in full gear now, and the shop is working on the set for the first offering, “The Tangled Skirt.”

I spent some time this morning working on the bus station floor:

While students worked on flats in the shop:

Allison traced, cut, and primed our greyhounds:

And I finished the morning by finishing paint work on a few walls: