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Clybourn Park

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting on November 26th, 2014 by Eric Appleton

Work continues on the UW-Whitewater’s production of “Clybourne Park.”

I went into the shop a little early today to rip down the masonite sheets that I had painted with the various tile colors. Here is the stack of bathroom tiles, waiting for installation, with the pink subway tile flats behind them.

And then, here is Liliana tacking them in:

The kitchen tiles, stacked and waiting. . .

The view up the staircase. . .

And good heavens, is there a lot of trim and molding in this show.

The set as it looked yesterday afternoon.

And then, one of my projects this afternoon was to finish the fireplace. Unfortunately, due to some measurement issues, I ran out of tiles and have to paint some more.

Clybourne Park

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting on November 18th, 2014 by Eric Appleton

Some photos from yesterday’s shop session, as we continued working on the UW-Whitewater’s upcoming production of “Clybourne Park.” The set was designed by guest artist Keith Pitts. I’m just the painter on this one, though that’s still a chunk of time, and I’m supposed to be getting further along on my design for February’s “The Tender Land.”

In any event, the walls went up yesterday.

Clybourne Park

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting on November 17th, 2014 by Eric Appleton

Images from last Friday’s shop session, as we continue work on the UW-Whitewater’s production of “Clybourne Park.”

Since the light hang has commenced and troubleshooting and focus are immanent, here TA Joe teaches two of the Intro to Theatre students how to bring up channels on the light board.

Intro student Austin staples together the framing on a flat. This one had to be redone — it faces the front of the staircase, but there was a discrepancy on how many stairs were in the staircase, which meant the top angle was wrong.

While I’ve been painting faux hardwood onto the deck, we are applying ripped plywood planks to the upstage platforms. Once they are all down, I will add glazing to make them match.

The deck itself is closer to completion. I have to grain and glaze the border, which will happen this afternoon. Then we can seal it and call it done.

Clybourne Park

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting on November 14th, 2014 by Eric Appleton

Continued work on the UW Whitewater’s upcoming production of “Clybourne Park” (scenic design by guest artist Keith Pitts)! Here we have TA Thad looking at a drawing in order to get his fellow students started on building the piece!

The last of the major walls gets their green paint!

Some of TD Steve Chene’s drawings laying out for reference!

TA Joe works with Intro to Theatre students on hanging an upstage electric!

My project for the afternoon was finishing the graining of the downstage hardwood floor!

Here’s a close-up! Next stage; Glazing!

Clybourne Park

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting on November 13th, 2014 by Eric Appleton

The light hang for UW Whitewater’s production of “Clybourn Park” began yesterday. Student Logan Bydalek is the lighting designer. Here are some Intro to Theatre students hanging lights. The first electric:

The 1A electric:

In the scene shop, the last of the wall flats have been primed and students begin applying base color. A note: when you come to shop in your nice clothes, you just might end up in a housedress with bags tied around your feet. . .

Clybourne Park

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting on November 12th, 2014 by Eric Appleton

More construction photos from the upcoming UW-Whitewater production of “Clybourne Park.”

Here is Emily (an Intro to Theatre student), TA Allison, and one of the Theatre Appreciation students (whose name I cannot remember) laying out the border of the downstage floor area.

After they laid out the border, I went to work lining out the floor boards, as well as basing the border.

At the end of the day, all of the wall flats were covered and primed and stacked ready to get their base color. That will happen this afternoon.

Clybourne Park

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting on November 11th, 2014 by Eric Appleton

Construction on the UW-Whitewater’s production of “Clybourne Park” continues.

Here we have Liliana cutting boards for flats, while Josiah base paints what will become baseboard and trim. They are both students in the Intro to Theatre course.

Here are more of the Intro students, assembling flats. . .

. . . and priming those flats.

I’m not sure what Therese and Josiah (yes, we have two Josiahs right now!) are working on, but here they are, working on it, as TA Joe responds to a question from off-camera.


My projects for the afternoon included a base coat for the hardwood floor downstage, painted directly on the stage floor. . .

. . . and graining the planks that will be laid on the upstage platforming.