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Something to look out for nowadays is shortcuts. We have shortcuts for everything. Shortcuts to get to the grocery store, to learn a new language, or even to growing hair faster. Although some of those may work, shortcuts to bettering yourself and having a healthy and happy body 95% of the time don’t work. Not all “quick tips” you come across will actually be effective. Here is a collection of some well-known tips that you should avoid.

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1) Get up and stand up!

“Stand up for your tush. It will tone your butt!” is true, but just standing up over sitting won’t give you the fit body you are looking for. Doing specific movements that are targeted at the legs and glutes (like jogging or squats) to get your blood flowing and muscles activating is what will build improvements.


2) Long walks on the beach burn lots of calories!

“Walking burns a lot more calories than sitting at your desk or driving your car” is also true, but doing anything to make walking harder will burn more calories than normal. Walking can be considered a movement, but not an exercise or workout. Although the sand on a beach would add to the resistance, running would be much more profitable for your legs. In fact, running on the beach not only adds great resistance with the sand, but the sun will give you a boost of Vitamin D and make a beautiful view to help pass the time.


3) Don’t put salt on anything!

Although copious amounts of sodium and salt can be bad for you, in a healthy amount with proper caloric intake, it’s fine. If you pour a whole table spoon of salt on your rice and then don’t drink much water or don’t workout that day, then we have a problem. But putting a few dashes on your fish or veggies to help get down food you don’t like and having a workout with plenty of water and sweating, it won’t effect you like you’d think.


4) Squat while waiting in line

Squats are amazing for your glutes. But squatting in line for coffee? Uhm… no thank you. Not only it being kind of awkward, doing one set of 10 to 15 squats while in line will do little to nothing. That would be the equivalent of a WARM UP in the gym. And just doing one set of anything will only increase blood flow. (And if you have time to do 50+ squats in line for coffee, I’d suggest a new coffee place).


5)You must commit at least 1 hour in the gym

Not at all! Quick workouts are very underrated! Depending on your goals and priorities in the gym, you can do 20 minute workouts and see great results. With HIIT (high intensity interval training), you can literally torch calories and tone muscles in a matter of minutes.


6) No Alcohol WHAT-SO-EVER!

Now, downing a six pack of Miller Lite before going on a 30 minute jog, that is a horrible idea. But doing research into what types of alcohol have low calories to them and then limiting yourself to a certain amount isn’t any different than other foods or drinks. (Also, another big thing with this comes from the amount of greasy foods you eat while intoxicated. But that can also be avoided with the steps above).


7) For abs, do crunches right before you go to bed and that’s it!

Crunches do not reduce fatty tissue, they increase muscle mass, which does not flatten the stomach. If you continue to do crunches without modifying your diet or increasing your aerobic activity, you may develop defined abdominal muscles covered with a layer of fat.

Sprinting is great for abs, as well as other modified ab workouts such as leg raises and twists.




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~Luke Pallo

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