Take Care of Your Financial Health This Summer

Summer is a great opportunity to make money, but where does it all go by the beginning of Fall? The amount of stress we put on ourselves, due to financial demands, is uncanny. There is, however, plenty for you to do to relieve this stress and help your future self! Follow these useful tips to strengthen your bank account and still get the most enjoyment out of your sunny months!Take Care of Your FINANCIAL Health this Summer (1)

Budget Your Spending

The money you receive every paycheck should have a predetermined agenda. A percentage of your check should go to savings, bills, your weekly expenses, and charity. According to “Financial Fitness” by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, 10% of your paycheck should go to your life-long-savings that you NEVER touch until retirement (you’ll thank yourself in the long run), 10% should go to tithing and/or charities as a way to share with others who may be in need, and the other 80% is the amount you work with for budgeting.

Save Your Money

It is essential to pay your savings account first to ensure you are saving a bit as often as you can. By having a healthy savings account, you will be more prepared for planned events or spontaneous emergencies. Putting aside ten percent of your check may seem like a lot at times, but if you always save a consistent amount from every paycheck, you will soon have a healthy fund in which to be proud.  Either way, a little money here and there will go a long way.

Tips to Reduce Wasteful Spending

Keep track of where you are spending money. I found this kept me accountable. I suggest you make a list of where and what you are spending your money on; you may find a reoccurring trend. If you are spending $10 a day on coffee, there you go, you found your wasteful spending! If you are thinking to yourself, “but Kari, I NEED my daily $10s of coffee !!” I would suggest looking through Groupon for coupons or deals that will help you get the bang for your buck.

Not everything requires money. There is PLENTY to do for little to no cost! The crucial thing is that you are saving money for when it counts. So, when you are bored at home thinking, “what can I do today”, consider going for a hike or going outside to play yard games with your friends and family instead of going to a movie or the mall.

It is important to remember; when you are smart with your money you will not be as financially stressed. As cheesy as it is, the best things in life are free. Materialistic objects will last until they wear down, memories last a life time.

Thank You Everyone! Keep Your Wallets Healthy This Summer!

Until Next Time, Carry On!

Kari Rebman



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