Overpowering Defenders: Joe Brunner


Joe Brunner is a big offensive lineman, especially compared to his opponents, and will often not stop blocking until he drives opposing defenders to the ground.

Joe Brunner is a 2022 football recruit out of Whitefish Bay High School where he plays offensive line and occasionally plays on the defensive line. According to 247sports.com, Brunner is listed as 6-5 and 265 pounds. Judging from photos and videos of Joe Brunner though, I would guess Brunner weighs close to 300 pounds. Joe has offers from Wisconsin, Arizona State, Florida State, California, and Iowa according to 247sports.com and is listed as a four-star recruit according to 247sports.com.

After watching the film on Joe Brunner, it is clear that Brunner can overpower most defenders he is matched up against. Joe can easily drive the defender off the line, but the difference with Brunner is that he often almost tackles the defender. This fact makes the film on Joe Brunner exciting because it is unusual for an offensive lineman to have that much strength to end a block in a tackle in high school. The only way you can get to that level of strength is to spend a lot of time in the weight room, which it is clear that Joe Brunner has been doing.

For highlights on Joe Brunner, check out: http://www.hudl.com/v/2CLDDz

Joe Brunner has his Whitefish Bay High School team at an undefeated, 4-0 record. Whitefish Bay will hope to end their season undefeated to end on a high note for a possible run at a Wisconsin High School Football State Championship next year. Brunner will be a senior next year and will likely have a lot of attention around him until he decides what college he will commit to. The reason for this attention is that with Brunner’s strength, he will easily be able to hold blocks in college, and because of this will have a chance to start right away at whatever college he chooses.

Joe Brunner will have to add strength and muscle, but Brunner could have a successful career in the NFL one day because of his size and strength that he already possesses. The one thing Brunner will need to improve upon is the level of his competition. This will come along with time, as he works with top coaches and plays against top talent in college. But if Joe Brunner can keep on improving and do anything close to what he is doing in high school, watch for Brunner in the NFL in a few years.


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