A Beast On The Line: Isaac Hamm


Isaac Hamm has a notable advantage in high school football. Hamm is bigger, faster, and more powerful than most of the talent that he faces up against.

Isaac Hamm is a junior defensive end at Sun Prairie High School. Hamm is 6-5 and 260 pounds according to 247sports.com. Isaac is a four-star recruit according to 247sports.com and has many offers, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Minnesota, and Penn State. Hamm will hope to gain more offers as he leads Sun Prairie in the spring to a hopeful undefeated record.

Isaac Hamm is the prototypical defensive end. He is as big as most defensive ends currently playing college football and will only grow. Isaac has a good read on where players are on the field and which ones will get the ball on a certain play. Hamm is often one of the first to get to the tackle and can chase down offensive players with ease. He can also break double teams, which he often has, to get to the tackle regularly.

Examples of Isaac Hamm play can be found in the videos on this page: https://www.hudl.com/profile/11150167/isaac-hamm

One thing Isaac Hamm needs to work on before he plays college football is finishing tackles. After analyzing the film on www.hudl.com, Hamm will often make it to the offensive player but sometimes lets the player escape because Isaac will miss the tackle or will be juked out by the offensive player. This is common in high school, but these errors are not often made in college football, but especially the NFL.

Whatever college team Isaac Hamm ends up, he will have a chance to make an impact. Hamm will need to make some good improvements and become a more polished defensive end to have a chance at a starting role in his first year in college. Isaac Hamm could also redshirt, which I think would serve him well to grow into a more dynamic player under leadership from both coaches and older, established players. In year 2, but especially in year 3 of his college career, I think we will see the best Hamm has to offer.

Isaac Hamm is a prototype of an NFL defensive end. Hamm has good size and a good vision of the field. He reminds me of Robert Windsor who went to Fond du Lac High School, went to Penn State, and got drafted this year to the Indianapolis Colts. Robert Windsor was almost exactly Isaac Hamm’s size in high school and has since bulked up to play on the interior of the defensive line. If Isaac Hamm keeps improving, he could be as good as Windsor or even better. The sky’s the limit for the 2022 recruit, Isaac Hamm.


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  1. I agree with you after watching some of his highlights that he can really shed blocks and have good vision but like you said he needs to work on his tackling.

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