Ayo Adebogun: Playing Many Positions


Ayo Adebogun can play many positions on defense and will likely play linebacker instead of defensive end at the University of Wisconsin.

Ayo Adebogun is a 2021 football commit out of Homestead High School. Homestead has a record of 3-4 according to www.wissports.net and will look to win out as they start their playoff journey on November 13th. Adebogun is listed at 6-3 and 215 pounds according to 247sports.com. Also according to 247sports.com he chose Wisconsin over Michigan State. Adebogun is also listed as a three-star recruit according to 247sports.com. He is ranked in the top 10 in Wisconsin for football for the 2021 recruiting class.

Ayo Adebogun is fast for a defensive end and is also good at finishing tackles. Adebogun can chase down offensive players easily and uses his good field vision to be able to know where the offensive player is at all times. He has good hands for his position and size and is used on special teams as well for Homestead. One area of improvement for Adebogun is putting on more weight and muscle, as most players in college at his position weigh around 240 pounds.

Highlights of Ayo Adebogun: http://www.hudl.com/v/2CSewv

Ayo Adebogun can make an instant impact once he starts playing at the University of Wisconsin next year. He will likely be used at linebacker and will likely come into the game for limited action along with being a key member on special teams. Adebogun will need to gain weight and muscle along with developing his skills in one position to be a full-time starter in future seasons for Wisconsin. He may redshirt next year to save eligibility and develop his skills. Another reason for him possibly redshirting is the strong recruiting class coming into the University of Wisconsin next year.

Ayo Adebogun has been compared to Zach Baun according to www.si.com. Zach Baun was a linebacker at Wisconsin who really came onto the scene in his last two years of college and now plays in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints. Adebogun can be as good as Zach Baun if he continues to improve and learns from coaches at the University of Wisconsin. It is hard to tell if Adebogun will be an NFL player without knowing how he will play consistently in one position. He has the intangibles, but development and technique will be huge for Adebogun in the coming years.


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2 thoughts on “Ayo Adebogun: Playing Many Positions”

  1. Hey Sam,
    Always good to see Wisconsin commit on here! I agree that with his height and weight he will probably end up playing linebacker in college. He will need to put on some muscle because there is a big difference between tackling high school quarterbacks and runningbacks and tackling D1 players, but you could say that about any athlete. Either way, he seems like a promising player that will likely see some playing time in red and white.
    -Lukas Matzke

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