Doing It All At QB: Myles Burkett

Myles Burkett is a versatile quarterback who can pass the ball in tight situations and on the move while also being able to escape the pocket and get long gains on quarterback scrambles.

Myles Burkett is a 2022 football recruit from Franklin High School. He is listed as 6-2 and 205 pounds according to Burkett is a three-star recruit and is ranked eighth in Wisconsin for 2022 according to Burkett has his Franklin team at a 4-0 record so far this season, where they are ranked second in Wisconsin for football according to

The thing that separates Myles Burkett at quarterback is his ability to throw long passes on the run with little effort while also being able to escape pressure too often get a sizable gain out of nothing. He is not the fastest runner for a quarterback but is fast enough for defenses to have to keep an eye on that part of his game. Myles can float passes into wide receivers while also being able to hit wide receivers in stride on long passes to the end zone, both skills that are not common for high school quarterbacks.

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Myles Burkett has the chance to be great moving forward into college. He has to work to become quicker. He is listed as a dual-threat quarterback, which means that he is good at running and teams will have designed runs for him. At this point though, I would list Burkett as a pocket-passing quarterback because he does not have enough speed to break away from college defenders. He will have a chance to develop his speed in college, wherever he chooses to go.

Myles Burkett only has offers from Central Michigan and Northern Illinois according to Both of these schools are smaller and do not compete in a Power 5 conference, which includes the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, and SEC. By the time of his commitment, I could see Burkett signing with a school like Iowa State, which is not a top-level school, but is big enough where Burkett would have a chance to shine. He could go to a bigger school if he gets major attention from scouts by breaking a quarterback record in Wisconsin and could eventually end up in the NFL, even if it is as a backup.


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  1. Hey Sam, I am a big fan of dual threat quarterbacks. It is cool to see one coming out of Wisconsin. I like what you said about him to Iowa State because I feel like schools don’t really matter if they are trying to go to the NFL. It is all about going to the school where the athlete has the most opportunity to shine. This is evident in players like Carson Wentz out of NDSU and Packers quaterback Jordan Love out of Utah State.

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