Loyal Crawford: A Hard Man To Tackle


Loyal Crawford is a shifty and dynamic running back for Eau Claire Memorial High School who is a University of Wisconsin 2021 commit.

Loyal Crawford is listed as a 6-foot and is a 190 pound running back according to www.si.com and committed to Wisconsin, despite having an offer from Michigan State according to 247sports.com. He is listed as the fifth or sixth best player in the state and either the number one or two running back depending on different ranking algorithms according to 247sports.com. Crawford will have to wait for his potential undefeated season, that is if he chooses to play at all, as Eau Claire Memorial will play their season in the spring.

According to a scouting report found on www.si.com, Loyal Crawford can use short bursts of speed along with good vision and juke moves to get big gains against high school level talent. He is not the best at any one area but has the frame to hold up against college defenders. He runs with power and is nimble on his feet enough for him to blow by defenders and end up in the end zone on some of his best highlights. Despite this, Crawford needs work in his finishing speed, as he can get tracked down by defenders in some instances, where the best running backs would have made it to the end zone.

Loyal Crawford’s highlights can be found at Loyal Crawford Junior Season Highlights

Loyal Crawford will be joining an elite school for running backs when he arrives at the University of Wisconsin next year. Producing talent like Ron Dayne, Melvin Gordon, and Jonathan Taylor, the University of Wisconsin has been a leader in having top tier running backs over the years. For Crawford to be considered in this group of names, he will have to work to become the best at one skill while not having a major weakness. Whether that skill is speed, power, or vision and juke moves, Crawford will have to hone in on that skill to have a chance of cracking the starting lineup at Wisconsin.

Loyal Crawford will likely be a four-year player at the University of Wisconsin. He will probably not have a chance to play until late into his sophomore season or his junior season. He will have to shine when he finally does get the chance to play and show fans and NFL scouts why he can be a difference-maker. If he can show scouts why he can bring something different and better to their team, he may have a chance to make it to the NFL. The rode is long for a player like Crawford, but maybe we will see him in the NFL someday.


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