High School Football Powerhouses In Wisconsin


Over the years, high school football compared to high school basketball in Wisconsin has had more traditional powerhouses or dominant teams.

Looking back at the history of high school football in Wisconsin, you can pinpoint success on a select number of teams. One person that has had his hand in two of these is Coach Steve Jorgensen. Coach Jorgensen made Kimberly High School football into what it is today and more recently transformed Fond du Lac High School Football into a dominant team in Wisconsin. Coach Jorgensen has the ability to change the culture of the program he enters into, a culture that values hard work in the weight room and playing physical on the field.

As was mentioned above, Kimberly is probably thought of as being the most dominant high school football team in Wisconsin. At one point, Kimberly had the longest winning streak in the United States and won five consecutive state titles. This win streak, funny enough, was ended by Fond du Lac with Coach Jorgensen on the coaching staff. One of Kimberly’s arch-rivals for state championship games over the years was Arrowhead High School. Arrowhead is another powerhouse in Wisconsin for high school football, and until recently, has represented the southern half of Wisconsin in State Championship games.

Both Bay Port High School and Muskego High School are two of the most dominant teams in Wisconsin right now. Bay Port High School has past players playing in both college football and the NFL right now. Muskego High School is currently the best team in Wisconsin for high school football. Muskego has won the State Championship the last two years and was dominant this year despite having their season cut short because of COVID-19. Muskego High School will also likely have a starter for the University of Wisconsin, Hunter Wohler, who was covered in a previous post on this blog.

For traditional powerhouses from smaller schools over the years, there have been many, but two that I think have been the most successful are Amherst and St. Mary Springs. It is almost unfair when smaller schools have to play both of these teams. Both Amherst and St. Mary Springs have won many State Championships over the years, and though they have not had many past players go on to play in college or the NFL, they have dominated their competition and are known for being amazing football programs throughout Wisconsin.


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