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Wisconsin has always been known for producing some of the top offensive linemen in the country, and JP Benzschawel is no exception to that. Benzschawel will likely start as a freshman at the University of Wisconsin next year.

JP Benzschawel is known for his athleticism and being able to move around the field with ease despite his large size. Benzschawel is listed as 6-7 and 260 pounds according to JP attends Grafton High School and is the big man on campus where he leads the Grafton football team that so far has a 2-0 record this season. Benzschawel is listed as a four-star recruit and is the top football prospect coming out of Wisconsin in the 2021 recruiting class according to

JP Benzschawel is very good at following through with his blocks. Benzschawel can lead his defender off the line of scrimmage and controls his defender until the running back gets through the whole that JP made or until the quarterback has time to throw the ball. Most of JP’s current competition is smaller than he is, so it is not a big surprise that he has offers from Division 1 colleges. The surprising thing is how Benzschawel can run with his defender and keep up with his defender in downfield plays.

Examples of JP Benzschawel play can be found in this video:

JP Benzschawel will be joining a great legacy of Wisconsin offensive lineman. Players like Joe Thomas, Travis Frederick, and Ryan Ramczyk were recognized nationally when they played at the University of Wisconsin and turned out to be some of the top NFL linemen. Wisconsin offensive linemen are known for being big. JP Benzschawel certainly fits that with his height at 6-7 but will need to put on weight to replicate the great offensive linemen coming out of Wisconsin.

To make his dreams of playing in the NFL a reality, JP Benzschawel will have the help of the coaching staff at the University of Wisconsin. Benzschawel will instantly go up against some of the top talents in the country once he arrives at Wisconsin and will likely improve immensely as a result. JP also may start eating at Mickies Dairy Bar to help him gain weight. Mickies Dairy Bar serves huge portions and is where offensive lineman often go to eat.

By working hard at the University of Wisconsin and following his coaches’ instructions, JP Benzschawel will end up in the NFL. It may take him a few years, but Benzschawel will be playing on Sundays before we know it. If JP can maintain his speed and mobility after those years in college, he may turn out to be one of the top NFL players.


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