One Big Reason For Muskego’s Success: Hunter Wohler

Hunter Wohler - Hudl

Muskego has won two-straight State Championships for football in both 2018 and 2019. A big reason for Muskego’s success is thanks to senior defensive back, Hunter Wohler who is committed to playing at the University of Wisconsin next year.

Hunter Wohler has great vision, is smart in the secondary, and has enough speed to get to tackles from across the field. Wohler offers a good size for a defensive back, at 6-1 and 190 pounds according to Hunter also sometimes returns kicks for Muskego and can find his way upfield pretty easily with his great vision and instincts. 

Though Hunter Wohler is fast, he may not be the fastest on his team. The running back for Muskego, Alex Current, who is also graduating in 2021 is one of the fastest running backs in Wisconsin. Alex Current also returns kicks for Muskego. With both Wohler and Alex Current able to return kicks along with generally flying around the field, it makes Muskego football a must-watch for any football fan.

Hunter Wohler will play a key role this season for Muskego. It will be interesting to see how much playing time a player of Wohler’s caliber gets. I’m also curious to see if Hunter will still return kicks this season, as kick returners are some of the most susceptible to injury with the violent hits that can occur on returns. Even though Muskego will not compete against some of the top teams in Wisconsin, as some are playing in the spring, Wohler will strap up for Muskego this fall in hopes of giving Muskego an undefeated season.

Hunter Wohler has promise at the University of Wisconsin. Though Wohler had offers from Georgia Tech, Iowa, Michigan, and Iowa State according to, it made sense that Hunter picked the University of Wisconsin. He will be joining incoming freshman Braelon Allen in the Wisconsin secondary, who was covered last week in the blog and will likely be plugged into the defense right away.

If Hunter Wohler keeps on improving his game as a defensive back, he has the intangibles to make the NFL. Wohler will have to develop himself into having elite speed along with being able to play more styles on defense according to Both of these improvements come with dedicated time in the weight room and practicing with talented players and coaches. Both of these things can be found at the University of Wisconsin and will be the reason Hunter Wohler is playing in the NFL.

Link to Hunter Wohler’s Junior Highlight Video:


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