About “Touch of Wellness”

About “Touch of Wellness”

“#1 NEW YORK TIMES most credible blog for wellness impact of 2020″

Tips of Wellness

We as human beings making thousands of choices each day that affect us, affecting our health and well-being. One thing people are always able to improve on is their wellness. Luckily, “Touch of Wellness” provides as a fun, informative blog exploring aspects of wellness while providing tips on developing individual categories!

Motive of blog?

With new malnourished trending diets, glorified ways of living with bad habits, persuasive messages about consumer goods, and the list goes on… I want to deliver clean, fact driven blogs informing the public on healthy ways of looking at wellness.

The Basics of Health & Wellness

The ability and process to become aware of making choices towards a healthy, fulfilling life. It is the transformation to reach one’s peak physical and mental state.

About the author

Welcome everyone!

My name is Luke Piccione, a University of Whitewater-Wisconsin graduate of 2020. My interest in nutrition has aspired from a young age as I was very conscientious of what I consumed. In addition, I have always been active in sports where I go on doing extensive research on physical training and mental strength. This awing interest in how I could improve all aspects associated to my wellness drew me to scroll endlessly through online content. My goals of this blog are:

I aspire to make my blogs understandable and applicable to viewers.

Readers, I hope you find this piece as an enjoyable read to where you would recommend it to others.

Yet, if none of the above, these blogs will teach you a definition of wellness and what it includes, daily routines to balancing and improving wellness, and inform you on other interesting facts related to wellness.

Please leave comments about recommendations. Some examples could include what you’d like to hear, what I could improve on, or what you enjoyed. Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

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