Hopping Over Habits

Hopping Over Habits

My days are becoming to look the same EVERY SINGLE DAY… which made me think about the importance of habits! As many of you are running into this similar feeling of a daily routine, I want you to reflect on the habits that you have throughout the day. Are these habits pushing you to become the best version of yourself.. or are they hindering your ability to move forward?

Habits can be easily attainable, thus it is important to find habits that are sustainable in your every day life. Feel proud as you implement some of these new habits into your daily routine and DON’T feel down if you fail to complete it.

Healthy Habits to develop:

  1. Fuel properly! As we have mentioned over and over, a balanced diet where you are getting all the nutrients you need will help keep you energized and happy.
  2. Hydration is KEY. Keep fluids by you at all times to keep your energy and mood boosted.
  3. Generosity. Being generous of your time to help others is one of the biggest keys to becoming genuinely happy.
  4. Change your surroundings. Put yourself around happy people who have optimistic views of life and it will transform your perception of life.
  5. MOVE! Another one we have repeated over and over. The body is like an engine, it needs to keep moving to function properly.
  6. Me-Time. This is my favorite one. We all need time to refresh our mind and relax. Take a walk in nature or spend time reading a book.

On the reverse, if you notice yourself having any of these habits below… DON’T PANIC! Your life is not over, and you can begin to eliminate them from your daily routine.

  1. Sitting around. Have you sat around all day and watched the full season of your favorite show? It is time to stand up and move the muscles. Remember: exercising provides so many benefits across all aspects of your wellness circle.
  2. Overspending. I know how tempting it is to buy, but remember that we are in a time where we can practice good saving habits. For more information visit my last blog post.
  3. Too much eating. Avoid eating out excessively and over visiting the kitchen. Try cooking every meal for a day and see how you feel. There are many simple recipes available online.
  4. Over consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is a poison to the body and daily use increases health risks.
  5. Smoking. Similar to alcohol, smoking increases health risks.

For more details and information on bad habits, check out: https://www.rd.com/health/wellness/worst-health-habits/

3 thoughts on “Hopping Over Habits”

  • I am in the same rut as you. The days have been blurring together, but you’re spot on. It is amazing how much a good meal and some stretching can completely change a whole day. New habits! Woo!

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