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What the heck is a AAA Company?

So WeArePixels is pretty dedicated to the Indie Scene. Maybe it’s because I love the freedom that allows Indie Games to get weird with their stories. Maybe it’s because I’m poor. Probably both. So Indie titles are small companies or… Continue Reading →

Littlewood Review: There’s Little To Do Here

Littlewood is an independent game by Sean Young. This game is similar to that of Animal Crossing. The premise is that the world has been saved by you, but you have amnesia, and in this time of rebuild you are… Continue Reading →

Oxenfree Review: Is. Leave. Possible?

Oxenfree is a psychological horror game. The premise is that several teens are going to have a party on the beach, and perhaps tune into some interesting sounds on the radio–a rumor that’s common to the legends of the island…. Continue Reading →

A Short Hike Review

​This game had a beautiful story, and when people ask if games can be art, can be examined as serious as literature, this game proves the answer to be yes. It really tackles head-on the theme of the journey being… Continue Reading →

Live Stream: Beglitched!

Shades of Mercy: Where do you fall in Undertale’s Spectrum

Spoilers ahead! What is Undertale? Undertale was created back in 2015 by Toby Fox, previously known for his musical works in Homestuck. His game took the internet by storm, becoming a cult classic among gamers, and the bane of “hardcore… Continue Reading →

Indie Games!

The difference between the AAA Developer Titians of the video gaming industry and independent developers is a small one. AAA Games go through large publishers whereas Indie Developers publish by themselves, or through a very small developer. And despite this… Continue Reading →

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