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What the heck is a AAA Company?

So WeArePixels is pretty dedicated to the Indie Scene. Maybe it’s because I love the freedom that allows Indie Games to get weird with their stories. Maybe it’s because I’m poor. Probably both. So Indie titles are small companies or… Continue Reading →, Microsoft, Playstation, and more in support of Black Lives Matter

In order to buy games, you need software to run it. Consoles have internal software, but PC requires a third party. The most popular of its kind is Steam by valve. But if you’re looking for cheaper options and supporting… Continue Reading →

Playstation 5 Livestream

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Playstation has live-streamed their next console, and all the titles that are going to drop along with it. I watched it and found it both exciting and disappointing, given that there were few… Continue Reading →

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