My name’s Erin, and I’m a student running this blog for my social media class. My areas of expertise are in the narrative directions of video gaming, creative writing, and religion.

Video Game Literacy

The Video Game Literacy Blogs are aimed to help lower the language barrier for people who’ve never played video games but want to be more well informed (so as to know your kids are doing on their games, for example) or want to get a better understanding of all the terms and things so as not to be bogged down while trying to navigate the video gaming community.

Talking Indie

Independently Developed games are on the rise, and it’s high time we started going at them the same way we go at AAA games. Talking Indie discusses various indie games from a creative writing perspective, to bring to light some of the beauties that these hidden gems have.

The Current Gaming Scene

The world is always moving, and news hits fast. The Current Gaming Scene discusses things that are happening now in the gaming communities.