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Month October 2020, Microsoft, Playstation, and more in support of Black Lives Matter

In order to buy games, you need software to run it. Consoles have internal software, but PC requires a third party. The most popular of its kind is Steam by valve. But if you’re looking for cheaper options and supporting… Continue Reading →

Live Stream: Beglitched!

What is Steam’s Early Access?

EARLY ACCESS is a newer term in the video game sphere, popularized by steam when it launched its Early Access program back in 2013. This term is important to know, because buying games in early access is wayyyy different than… Continue Reading →

Shades of Mercy: Where do you fall in Undertale’s Spectrum

Spoilers ahead! What is Undertale? Undertale was created back in 2015 by Toby Fox, previously known for his musical works in Homestuck. His game took the internet by storm, becoming a cult classic among gamers, and the bane of “hardcore… Continue Reading →

Indie Games!

The difference between the AAA Developer Titians of the video gaming industry and independent developers is a small one. AAA Games go through large publishers whereas Indie Developers publish by themselves, or through a very small developer. And despite this… Continue Reading →

The ESRB Rating System

The rise of violence–most notably in America–has brought back the age of question of does violence in video games invite our youth into a violent enough mindset to commit unspeakable acts? This question always peeves me because people talk about… Continue Reading →

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