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Staying Safe from the Sun

Staying Safe from the Sun

  Ahhh! Spring break is finally right around the corner. That stretch from winter break until now always seems to drag and take the longest. But who cares now that we’re in the two-week count down! Assuming you plan on taking a trip to somewhere 

Essential Oils After Sun Spray

Essential Oils After Sun Spray

Spring Break is at an end, but that doesn’t mean that tan should be.  While on Spring break, my skin was kissed by the sun, a little more some days than others.   I always made sure I was lathered up in my SPF, but 

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

Scrolling through my emails the other day, I came upon the most dreaded email of them all. The we-energies “Your bill is ready!” email… The horrifying, winter electric bill has come. If your roommates are anything like mine, and they complain about how cold the house is while they sit in the shorts/t-shirts, you can imagine how the bill looks. It’s a constant struggle over who is running the thermostat, I demand it should be in the low 60’s and everyone bundle up, but I often lose to my roommates who love the low 70’s while walking around in their boxers. So when I opened the electric bill email, to my surprise it was only $250… Yes only… It’s much worse during the coldest winter months. So I decided to look up ways that we could save money without breaking the bank and came upon an article from “The Old Farmer’s Almanac”weather

Here’s the top ways to stay warm, without cranking the heat!

  1. Dress in layers.

Bundle up. Wear long underwear, sweaters, and even hats indoors. I recommend a “wicking” polyester (or silk) undershirt next to your skin versus cotton.

One reader adds, “I can’t imagine surviving cold weather, inside or out, without a stretchy fleece neck warmer. I have several and I put one on when watching television or reading to avoid turning up the thermostat. Just think about summertime when you are feeling too hot – if you can, you try to cool down by opening your collar. We are using the reverse of that principle here.”

  1. Keep Your Feet Warm

I highly recommend “house slippers” indoors. A soft, cozy pair worn to bed keeps my feet toasty warm, and as long as my feet are warm, I’m comfortable with the thermostat turned down.” “Keep changing your socks! Everybody forgets that your feet sweat, and THAT can make you cold even though you are layered up.”

  1. Heat Up Your Bed

Don’t turn up the heat for the entire house. Use an electric blanket. An even cheaper and safer option may be a hot water bottle with a wool or fleece cover. “Use rice! Put the rice in a fleece cover–then warm in the microwave. It will stay warm half the night and keep your toes comfortable.” But, better and quicker is to use a large heating pad with an automatic shut-off. Mine shuts off after 30 minutes. I lay the heating pad in the bed and turn it on about 15 minutes before falling asleep. I turn it off and then on again if I still need a little more heat but it is usually adequate just turning it on once.”

  1. Harness the Sun

During the day, open the blinds and curtains on the south-facing windows—and let the Sun warm you. At night, close the blinds and curtains to better insulate your home.

One reader adds, “We use roller blinds every night for all windows. Save a lot of energy in a cheap and easy way.”

  1. Keep the Kitchen Cozy

Many readers keep the kitchen humming!

“Bake something in the oven, either dinner or a dessert (doesn’t have to be fattening but even better if it is).” “A hot cup of tea is great….if you are sick, a hot toddy works wonders. Also, I always have a crock pot of soup going during the cold months.”

  1. Block Drafts

Beyond weather-stripping, which is difficult with old houses, consider these reader tips:

“I hang blankets to close off the open stair well going to the second floor, since heat raises it keeps the warm air down stairs when we spend most of our time. I noticed it saves a lot of heating dollars.”

“Don’t forget to put something at the bottom of outside doors–you can just feel the cold air pour in. You can buy a fancy roll or just use a blanket or towel.”

  1. Stay Active

Get your body moving. “Keep active, this is a good time to clean out closets, garages, etc. Anything to keep active.” “If I get a chill just sitting I get up and stir around, the movement not only warms me up but also stirs the heat in the house.”

  1. Humidify Your Home

Not only does a humidifier keep your house warmer but also it eliminates drying indoor air. If you don’t have a humidifier, here’s another idea: When you take a bath in winter, leave the water in the tub after you get out. If you let it sit until it reaches room temperature, it will add a little warmth to the house and help humidify it!

Hopefully you all learned at least one idea to save a couple bucks and stay warm this winter! Happy Holidays from Warhawk Fitness!

“Success is a journey but we treat it like a place and it doesn’t make sense if you don’t you enjoy the ride.”


-Riley Pink

Sun, Sand, & Safety – A guide for Spring Break Survival

Sun, Sand, & Safety – A guide for Spring Break Survival

By: Kenzi Weidman Who is excited for some sunshine, beaches, good beverages, and good company? I sure am. Spending a week with new people, new surroundings, and new experiences is exactly what Spring Break is about! But don’t forget one thing…. SAFETY! Here are some