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Ahhh! Spring break is finally right around the corner. That stretch from winter break until now always seems to drag and take the longest. But who cares now that we’re in the two-week count down! Assuming you plan on taking a trip to somewhere warm and tropical, there are probably many things on your mind that you MUST pack. Whether it be the new suit you just got, or the awesome Rayband sunglasses, it sure is important to be stylin’ and profilin’ this spring break. Not so fast. Before you zip up that suit case, make sure you have a couple important items in there: sun screen, lotion, and more sun screen.

Protecting your skin from the sun should be one of the things on the top of your priority list. Although you may want that glow from being “kissed by the sun”, it may not be worth the side effects. UV rays break down the different skin layers on our body, and if it reaches the inner layer, the dermis, it will do damage to your skin or as we know it, sun burn. Who wants to ruin a trip with friends or family due to irritated, red, and itchy skin- NO ONE. With that said, there are many different actions you can take in order to prevent this from happening:

First and most importantly, wear sunscreen. Don’t be that person that thinks they are tougher than the sun. Let me tell you, you aren’t. It is suggested by the FDA that you use anything SPF 15 and up. Also, don’t forget those small locations, such as your ears, hair line, and the back of your neck that tend to get neglected and end up burning.

Secondly, plan how much time you will be outside. Try to limit long periods in the sun, especially from the times 10 AM – 4 PM, as these are the times the sun is the hottest.

Lastly, cover up. Don’t hesitate to wear things like hats that can protect your skin from direct contact with the sun. In addition, keep your eyes safe by wearing sun glasses.

Everyone wants to have a good time this spring break, there is no denying that. Don’t let your enjoyment be ruined by something silly, like sun burn. I suggest taking some of these tips into consideration, while some additional research may be beneficial. Enjoy your break, from all of the Rec Sports Fitness and Aquatics family! ​

|Don’t forget about the little things in life. They tend to have a BIG impact|

  • Tyler Kloss



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