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Make Your Impact on Summer 2022. Pt. 4

Make Your Impact on Summer 2022. Pt. 4

This is part 4 of Make Your Impact on Summer 2022 series which will continue until school starts up again in the fall. This series is all about doing things for yourself and just simply trying to improve your wellbeing. It can be very difficult 

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water?

We have all heard before that we are probably dehydrated or do not drink enough water throughout the day. Hydration is highly important in your overall health and wellbeing and figuring out how much water you need to be drinking daily can greatly improve your 

5 Tips To Stay Hydrated

5 Tips To Stay Hydrated

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  1. Drink a LOT of water

Make it a habit to start each morning with a glass of water to kick start your day. Try to keep a big bottle of water with you throughout the day. This will encourage you to drink water more often. Try to keep track of how much water you drink to make sure you are getting enough!


  1. Eat more whole fruits and vegetables

There are many fruits and vegetables that have a higher water content. Some good options are cucumbers, watermelon, and citrus fruits. Next time you are going grocery shopping pick up some of these foods that will help keep you hydrated.


  1. Avoid drinks that dehydrate you

Limit how much alcohol you consume. Drinking large quantities of alcohol can cause dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after you consume alcohol.


  1. Grab a sports drink

A sports drink can hydrate you faster than water especially after and intense workout. Sports drinks contain dissolved minerals and nutrients that help replenish the body. There are many different flavors and brands of sports drinks to choose from. Having a variety to choose from makes drinking sports drinks and water easy to do.



  1. Set reminders for yourself


Find a way to remind yourself to drink water daily. Try setting an alarm or plan to drink a glass of water before each meal. Do what you need to do to make sure you don’t forget to drink enough water. Also, do not wait until you feel thirsty because you may already be dehydrated at that point. It is important to replenish all of the water our bodies lose each day.


Making sure to drink enough water every day is a simple and healthy habit. It is extremely

important to take action in keeping your body hydrated. There are many benefits of staying hydrated. Hopefully these five tips will help you to stay hydrated every day!


~All you can do is work to become a better you~


-Sadie Wrobel


Staying Cool Outta School

Staying Cool Outta School

Hello Warhawks! I hope all your summers are going exactly how you planned and you are truly “living the dream”. For many of you, there is a magical, almost mythical object that creates cold air, also known as Air Conditioning. For many students, when they