Ready set run photoBy: Kenzi Weidman

Have you ever wished you could be one of those people that can run a 5K or even a marathon every other weekend? Personally, running was something I never thought I could do until I took the initiative to try it and stick to it. I read a million articles; a couple were from WomansHealthMag and Runners World. They all gave me the confidence to try it out and see what became of it! Here were some easy tips I followed that got me to running almost 3 miles a day:

Tip #1: Find some music that gets you motivated. Everyone has that song or artist that makes him or her want to dance and go crazy! Try running to that genre and it will keep you going. My favorite is sappy country music. There is something about hearing how a man lost the love of his life that keeps me thinking and running a couple miles! I also enjoy a little Basshunter or any kind of techno music. Sometimes I catch myself doing a little jig while running, but there is nothing wrong with that, right?

Tip #2: Get a light and comfortable pair of running shoes. Don’t think you can throw on any old pair of shoes and it will be comfortable to run a couple miles. I mean maybe it would be, but odds are a light pair of actual running shoes allows you to run further, keeps your feet comfortable and helps prevent injuries. My favorite pair of shoes, which I have had now for over 2 years, are my Nike Free Trainer’s. It is important to understand though that you should not wear the same pair of shoes forever. I read the article When Should I Replace My Running Shoes? and it really opened my eyes about getting a new pair. It’s hard to give up on your favorite pair and go to a new pair because you are use to them. Sadly though, it has to happen in order to maintain good form and prevent injuries.

Tip #3: Find a friend. No one wants to start a journey alone, or at least I don’t. I grabbed a good friend of mine and asked her to go with me. She of course was not a runner either and said “no” the first time but after a few too many times of asking her, she gave in. It is nice to have a buddy by your side because not only will your body want to keep up with them, but also you can help encourage each other to keep going and remind each other of your goals.

Tip #4: The last and final thing that I reminded myself every day; It may be hard, but don’t give up. Side ache after side ache along with shin splints and foot cramps. Running was not my thing, and I wanted more than anything to give up and get some McDonald’s. Persistence is key and I stuck through it! Just remind yourself that a little struggle now, will give you so much more strength later.

The point is, find what works for you and stick to it. Running is not everyone’s favorite thing, but once you get started, it can show just what you are capable of. Being able to tell your friends that you have ran multiple 5K’s or are about to do your first 10K or half marathon would feel like such an accomplishment and something to be so proud of. I sure am not there yet, but I hope many of you will start the journey with me!

“Always remember that it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on going.”

~Kenzi Weidman

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Whitewater Police Department K-9 Unit

Whitewater Police Department K-9 Unit

The Whitewater Police Department is seeking donations for our first ever K-9 unit. With the ever-increasing presence and use of drugs in our community, the property crimes associated with these activities and the impact on our teens and young adults, we feel strongly that the additional proactive step of starting a K-9 Unit will serve Whitewater very well.

Our goal is to select a Labrador retriever for our community K-9 Unit, which would be used for:    

Detection of Controlled Substances:

  • During traffic stops, search warrants, & consent searches
  •  In schools/businesses for locker and vehicle searches
  • Other searches related to arrests

Searching for People:

  • Assist in the location of lost children or vulnerable adults
  • Track fleeing suspects

Teaching about the Negative Aspects of Drugs in our Community:

  • Visit schools, community groups, and churches
  • Better connect the community and the police department

We have estimated the start-up costs for the community K-9 Unit to be $45,000. This would cover all first year costs of the dog, training, equipment, and staff time. We have already secured food and veterinary care.  However, due to the City’s budget constraints, we are unable to manage start-up expenses without the support of our citizens, businesses and civic groups.

For more information contact Captain Brian Uhl at the Whitewater Police Department at (262) 473-0555.

 Whitewater K9

 5K/10   Run/Walk

June 1st, 2013
Cravath Lake Front Park
341 S Fremont St.
Whitewater, WI

Grab your running shoes (and leash if you’d like) and join us for a run/walk to raise money for the Whitewater Police Department K9 Unit. We will be timing participants “old school style” and awarding prizes instead of medals. The day will start out with a 1-mile Kiddie Sprint for racers 14 and under around Cravath Lakefront Park. (Dogs not allowed in that race.) The main event will start and finish under the lakefront arch, meandoring between Tripp and Cravath Lakes, and along the wooded bike path.  The 10K run will be 2 laps of the “loop” starting at Clay St., with a little extra added on. The course is mostly flat with the exception of the Wisconsin St. hill.  Dogs are encouraged to participate in the 5k and 10k.  Dogs and owners will start 10 minutes after the main group to assure that racers, humans and canine, are all comfortable and have plenty of room. Please read the Dog Info page for safety tips. There will also be a silent auction.

Registration:                 7:30a-8:30am

Kiddie 1-mile Sprint       8:30am ($10)

5K/10K                        9:00am ($20,$25)

Dog/Owner Team  5K    9:10am  ($20)

Dog/Owner Team  10K   9:10am  ($25)

Register at

Contact: Heidi Gempler