Cold Water Therapy

Cold Water Therapy

I have recently been interested in researching the pros and cons of cold water therapy. I was unaware of what exactly this was until about three months ago. I actually discovered this process on the popular app TikTok. Since then, it has been an interest of mine that I read about and practice myself. For those who are not familiar with this, cold water therapy is the practice of using cold water, around 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius, to stimulate health benefits or treat various different health conditions. Cold water therapy is also known as cold hydrotherapy. A few of the ways in which you could practice cold water therapy include taking cold showers, bathing in ice baths, swimming in cold temperatures, and washing your face/hands with cold water. With all of this being said, today’s blog is going to talk about the many benefits of cold water therapy and different ways in which this can be done. 

What are the Benefits of Cold Water Therapy? 

1. Weight Loss 

a. Cold water therapy does not reduce weight, but it does increase metabolism. Recent studies have shown that immersions in water that is less than 59 degrees Fahrenheit increases the body’s metabolism. Although, there have not been many large studies that have covered the direct comparison of weight loss and cold water therapy. Despite this, it has been found that repeated icy pledges do cause weight loss. Hopefully with future research more can be discovered on this benefit.

2. Reduced Muscle Soreness 

a. This benefit is specifically great for athletes. Those who soak in cold water for short periods of time post exercise experience less muscle soreness than usual. The reason that cold water helps reduce muscle soreness and overall pain in general is that it causes your blood vessels to tighten. This allows for blood flow to be reduced. Therefore, swelling and inflammation will go down if you ice an injury or take a cold bath. 

3. Boosted Immune System 

a. Many studies have proven that exposure to cold water on a daily basis over a long period of time (months or years) can boost your immunity. Specifically, a study done in May of 2014 showed that cold water immersion techniques help build up your immune system. 

4. Ease Symptoms of Depression 

a. Depression is a serious mental health issue a lot of people struggle with. Personally, knowing I have struggled with depression myself and many close family and friends have as well, I would try anything to reduce the effects. Cold water therapy studies have shown a decrease in depression symptoms for those who take cold showers twice a day. 

All in all, the goal of these blogs is to take time out of the week to focus on health and wellness. Today we discussed the many benefits of cold water therapy. However, there are many more that can be discussed in future blogs. Otherwise, if you want more information now, click here to read this article all about the effects of cold water therapy (hydrotherapy). As always… 

Do not get discouraged, 

Cora Shircel