Beginners Guide to a Gym Routine

Welcome to “The Beginners Guide to a Gym Routine.” Similar to last week’s blog, I am going to be going back to the basics to focus on the ins and outs of the gym. Not only is this blog perfect for those of you who are new to the gym, but it can also help those of you who make a stop at the gym almost every day learn new tips and tricks that you can use on the daily! Below is a list of things I recommend bringing to/doing at the gym.

Gym Must Haves:

● Timing is Everything

○ A very popular saying is “timing is everything.” This can apply to a lot of different aspects in life. In this case, it applies to the gym. Many say that the best time to go to the gym is in the morning. Not only is the gym usually the least busy in the mornings, but it has been proven that working out earlier reduces stress levels and leaves you energized for the remainder of the day. The gym is usually the busiest right when people get off work or out of school at around 4-6pm. However, if you are the complete opposite of a morning person don’t sweat it. Working out when you feel most comfortable is always best. Make your own schedule!

● What to Wear

○ When going to the gym wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. The gym is a place to work on yourself and your health. Confidence will boost your self esteem and allow for a better workout. Personally, I recommend leggings or athletic shorts with a short sleeve top. If you have problems getting your sweat on a sweatshirt or long sleeve may be a better option for you. If you’re planning on doing some sort of cardio I recommend running shoes. If you are planning on lifting, wear shoes with a flat sole such as vans or converse as this can help support you when working with heavier weights.

● What to Bring

○ A few things I personally think are necessities at the gym include: a lock for your locker, headphones, a water bottle, and bands, gloves or equipment you need, and your phone. If you are bringing a wallet, jacket, keys, etc. make sure you have a lock to put on your locker so that your belongings are stored safely. Wearing headphones at the gym helps make your workout go by so much quicker. Get lost in the music or distracted by a podcast and you will be done in no time. Stay hydrated! Bring a large water bottle and refill it frequently. Hydration is important, especially when you are producing sweat. Overall, make sure you have the equipment you need before leaving for the gym!

● Warm up!

○ Once you arrive at the gym it is very important to warm up your muscles. Before jumping right into weight lifting, abs, or a HIIT workout make sure you warm up. A great option to start off with is cardio or stretching. Take about 10-15 minutes before you start grinding on your workout. It will pay off in the end.

● Know Your Way Around

○ Something that can help you save time in the gym and also help boost your confidence is knowing your way around the gym. Knowing where specific machines are or where the sets of dumbbells are located can help reduce search time. This will also make you look like you are a natural at the gym. Knowing your ins and outs will come with time. Before you know it you’ll be a professional!

These are just a few of the things I recommend when making a trip to the gym. Confidence comes with time for most. I hope these tips helped you in any way! Overall, it is important that you go to the gym for yourself and your health.

Do not get discouraged.

Cora Shircel

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