Get in Losers, We’re Going Hiking

Guess whose back Warhawks, that’s right, it’s your favorite Fitness Supervisor Ryan. Something might feel different about this blog, some may even say I sound happy. There is one sole reason for the boost in my mood, it summertime hawks. I’ll be the first to admit I love college and the numerous opportunities to better myself both academically and as a member of society, but summer is where it’s at. I’m a firm believer that college students need to take advantage of summer days while we still can, Carpe Diem people! Without a doubt, my favorite summer activity is hiking and Wisconsin is the place to do it. I’m going to toss a little bit of knowledge your way with three tips for hiking success.

The first and most important tip is picking the location to take in all that nature. Growing up in the Fox Valley my personal favorite was High Cliff, State Park. Nestled on Lake Winnebago this place is nothing short of beautiful. The name itself describes why it’s so awesome, the high cliffs give you breathtaking views not only of the landscape but the mighty Lake Winnebago. For those of you staying in Whitewater this summer, the Kettle Moraine State Forest is only a short 9-minute drive away from campus. Kettle Moraine not only has hiking trails but awesome spots for camping. The main attraction and personal favorite of many UWW students is the beach at Whitewater Lake, there is nothing better than cooling off in the lake after a long and sweaty hike.

The second and most important tip is wearing the proper attire. Wear some shoes that you will not miss if they get wrecked, sometimes the trails can get muddy and no one wants their brand new shoes caked in mud. High socks can help prevent getting scrapes on your legs from branches and burs. High socks can also help prevent ticks from latching on to your skin as well. Finally, layers are the tool of a savvy hiker. Early morning hikes can be chilly, but the later you get into a Wisconsin summer day the hotter it gets. Bringing along a sweatshirt that can easily be stuffed in a backpack or tied around your waist can keep your body at a comfortable temperature for the entire hike.

The third and most important tip is to pack food and water, your body is a finely tuned athletic machine and a machine needs its fuel. Some important things to keep in mind is, how long the hike will be, how you’re going to consume the food, and if you need any utensils to consume the food. Whenever I go hiking, I like to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some fruit. My goal is to get some filling and protein-packed food in my body that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is easy to consume. Check out for some more food ideas when going on a hike.

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