Staying Away From Spring Allergies

Ahhhhh! That smell is in the air… The weather is FINALLY starting to change and the sense of summer is just around the corner. I mean, let’s be real, who doesn’t love to be outside when we (Midwesterners) see the thermometer hit 60 degrees for the first time? All the good that comes with spring, also carries the dreaded allergies with it. The sniffles, coughs, and itchy eyes take over our bodies like the black plague. Great news, though! There are some precautionary steps you can take to help prevent from having to go through your annual box(es) of tissues this spring:

First and foremost, try your best to limit your time outside. I know I know this may be challenging because you want nothing more than to soak up the fresh air. BUT, they do say April showers bring May flowers, right? Those flowers and leaf buds that are just starting to sprout carry a crazy amount of pollen and can spring on your allergies (pun intended). If you really can’t find a way to escape long periods in the newly fresh air, make sure to wear sunglasses, to prevent the pollen from finding its way into your eyes. Also, make sure to wash your hair in the shower well in order to prevent you from bringing the pollen into your household.


Another great way is to hop on the allergy medicine EARLY. It’s kind of like riding a bike; you wear your helmet to prevent any head injuries when you fall. In this case, prevent the allergies from even being able to beat your immune system. With all of this said, I am NOT a doctor, therefore make sure you discuss this option with someone who has a PhD to make sure it is safe for you to consume.

Lastly, protect your house. I know that may sound strange, but trust me, it will work. Nothing sounds better than having the windows open, however, keep in mind that pollen does fit through the screen on your window and the wind as no issue with blowing it into your home. Another simple thing you can do, is just take your shoes off outside before you enter the house. No need to have those smelly things inside anyway.


Allergies are the absolute WORST. Nobody likes them, and that is why I want you to take some of these steps into consideration this spring. Like I stated earlier, I am in no way, shape, or form a doctor so please consult with one prior to going with any sort of medication.


|Don’t forget about the little things in life. They tend to have a BIG impact|


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