Luke’s Goodbye

Goodbyes are always present in ones life. No matter the degree, a goodbye can be a difficult thing to do. Now graduating from college, I have to say goodbye to a lot of things. Friends, professors, organizations, the dining halls with unlimited chocolate milk, and this job. Being on this PR team has been one of the best things for me over this past year. I will dearly miss the work, my kick-butt team, my gnarly boss (with her amazing snacks she always brings) and the feeling of putting out work I am really proud of and can say it will educate people. I have learned a lot of things over the past year, but specifically from this job:

  1. Cherish your team/teammates

Many people hate working in groups and relying on others to come through with notable work. But find yourself that group you mesh well with and find who can contribute what and who you can lean on and count on for different tasks, utilizing everyone is what will make a cohesive team.

  1. Savor the moments you are living now

Don’t dread to much about the future. If you live in the future, you can’t enjoy where you currently are. I personally have been focusing so much on post graduating that I need to remember to enjoy my senior year! Everything will work itself out.

  1. There is always time for fitness

Your health should be important to you, plain and simple. And one can always find to to do anything that can benefit you positively in a fitness perspective.

  1. Fitness is more than just the physical, but even more mental

This semester more than ever I have done more meditation, yoga, and spiritual connection than ever before. And I am SO BETTER OFF NOW! I notice such a difference in my mental health, my joint flexibility, and overall happiness and content with life. Always remember how dynamic “fitness” really is.

  1. Care about what you do

Don’t do things just cause or because you have too. Care about it and put all your effort into it.  Why do anything with half the drive? Do everything with a purpose.

  1. Look at the positives, it’s not an end, but a beginning

This one speaks for itself. This job ends for me, but a new one with more experiences and adventures await me.

Thank you to this team, to Jen, and to Warhawk Fitness.

 Peace & Love,


 *Be Proud, But Never Satisfied*

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