How To Stay Cool This Summer

HOw to stay cool imageSummer means fun in the sun and a few months of relaxation, but it also means there are some scorching hot days were it feels like you could cook an egg on the asphalt. Staying cool on hot summer days can seem impossible! Whether your air conditioning is out, or you are just always way to warm, here are some tips to stay cool on toasty summer days and nights!

  1. Wear a light Fabric

Wear a light colored cotton shirt, because gotten is a more breathable fabric, and light colors make for a cooler day in the sun! Also, do the same for your bed sheets, so you can cool by night and day.

  1. Feel the (freezer)burn

In winter, if you’re cold you throw your blanket in the dryer for a toasty night’s sleep, for summer throw your blanket in the freezer a few minutes before bed! It won’t keep you cool all night but it’ll give you a comfortable burst as you count sheep.

  1. Chill Out

You can cool down a whole room a couple of degrees by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window or in front of a fan.

  1. Box It Up

If you don’t have A/C in your place, or it’s broken, position a box fan in your window on high speed to create a cool breeze. (Trust me, it is almost as good as air conditioning).

  1. Pulse Points

If you need a quick way too cool down take an ice cube, ice pack or even a cool wash rag and place them on your neck and pulse points on your wrists, ankles and behind the knees.

Being overheated on a beautiful summer day is the fastest way to ruin your fun in the sun. Next time the weatherman calls for a scorcher, try these tips to stay cool whether you are laying in bed watching Netflix, on an adventure or just need a penguin habitat to sleep in!

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