Stocking Stuffers For Us Health and Fitness Fanatics

stocking stuffersThe holidays are right around the corner, crazy I know right!  One of my favorite parts of the holidays are the amazing little gifts that you get in your stocking from Santa.  Stockings are like a Christmas appetizer. Often the first thing opened on Christmas morning, they whet the appetite for the “main course” and the bigger gifts await under the tree. (Of course I just made a relation to food.)  You dig through this giant, stuffed to the brim sock looking thing, unwrapping tiny gifts, which usually include socks, sweet treats, and other knick-knacks.  This year, give Santa a little hint of what you would like to see in your stocking this year, I’m talking about stocking stuffer for us health nuts and fitness buffs that can be used over and over again.

  1. Sombrero Juicer for Bottles Definitely the first thing on my list.  This $5 gadget can add a lot of flavor to your plain old water bottle.  This is perfect for on the go college students like you and myself.  It’s not ideal to shove a wedge of a lime or lemon into your water bottle, so a genius invited this tiny juicer to add a little flavor to your average water bottle.
  1. Tea Bag Buddy Another gift that is dirt cheap, but we haven’t purchased yet because we don’t really need to spend $5 on something that isn’t really necessary, however its super cool and a perfect gift idea to give to the rents.  Tea Bag Buddy is what you need when you have to put your tea bag down before plopping it into your mug; slip the string through the silicon contraption when it’s time to drink remove, lift, squeeze, with no mess.
  1. Lululemon Uplifting Yoga Block We hear the famous word Lululemon and we think money, money, money.  This is perfect for you yoga lovers!  For just $12 this simple gift is perfect for Santa to throw into your stocking.  With three different height options, your inner yoga lover will be happy when you unwrap these babies.  Oh, you could say these will be on my list this year, along with many other little fun things for Lulu!
  1. Nike Ankle Weights Every workout boy and girl should have a pair of these bad boys.  They are perfect when running, yoga, or to wear during you everyday workout class.  They give you a little extra push when needed.  Plus ladies, they come in pink.
  1. The boring, but expensive, necessities. Ask Santa for your favorite tea bags, Kcups, and vitamins.  Although this can be boring, they are items we use every single day and they are not the cheapest for our college budget.  Ask for your favorite coffee, teas and infusers and stock up on your everyday vitamins.
  1. Beats Powerbeats Wireless Okay so maybe you’ve been extra good this year.  You volunteered more than usual at the animal shelter, you got straight A’s, you’ve been nice to your younger siblings, or maybe you’ve just worked really hard this past semester.  Whatever it is, if you’re feeling extra lucky ask for these sick yet expensive headphones.  Perfect, wireless, cute colors, amazing quality; you are basically getting what you are paying for.  (Just tell the rents, I mean Santa, that one.)  I’ll just leave this one here.
  1. S’well water bottle I received one of these last year, and you could say I am in love.  They keep your water cool for up to 24 hours, are toxin and BPA free, and don’t sweat with condensation.  With lots of different sizes and colors to choose from, you’re definite to find one for yourself to fall medley and deeply in love with.
  1. Gift Card to the Spa. Whither it is a massage to ease those aching muscles or a pedicure to ease those sore feet from all the runs you’ve been going on, you just can’t go wrong.  It’s a one for Santa to pick up and one you definitely won’t be disappointed in.
  1. Smartwool Running Socks Another one I have my eye on this year.  You may think socks are socks, but rumor has it these are the hot items to have for us fitness freaks.  The rumor is they are the lifesaver for running, hiking, skiing or any cold weather activity.  Never get cold feet again.
  1. The Chia Company Shots What’s the one thing you can ALWAYS expect in your stocking that you won’t be disappointed in, chocolate and candy.  This year tell Santa that you still wants some yummy goodies in your stocking, but maybe something where you can eat five of and not feel so guilty.  These are my new favorite go to when I have a sweet tooth.  They are perfect for when you are on the go or you can even sprinkle them over yogurts or make your own pudding if you’re feeling extra adventuress. $7 for 10, you could even ask for a couple packs.

Now go share this blog with your parents so they can get some ideas and hint to them it’s less stress on them worrying if you will like it or not.  Happy Holidays Warhawks!

I hope you learn. I hope you laugh. I hope you never stop. And remember being fit is always in style.

-Karlee Fowler

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