Juicing vs. Blending

Juicing vs Blending PhotoBy: Mary Marren

Juicing and Blending have both become extremely popular in the past few years. People are always on the lookout for ways to eat healthy and quickly, so it is so surprise that these two methods are trending. The question on everyone’s mind is, which one is better? Some people insist on juicing their fruits and veggies, while others are passionate about blending. After looking further into the topic, you’ll be pleased to know that BOTH may be beneficial to your health!

Juicing is the fastest way to get nutrients into your body. When you juice fruits and vegetables it gives you a direct intake of nutrients that your body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, by juicing you can drink a lot more fruits and veggies in one sitting verses with a smoothie. A component to look out for when juicing is to make sure you are mixing fruits with vegetables, otherwise your blood sugar levels could drastically spike.

Blending on the other hand releases the nutrients into your body at a much slower pace. The benefits of blending fruits and vegetables come from fiber. Since you are using the whole fruit the fiber does not get separated, but is broken down so that you body can easily digest it.  Blending will also keep you fuller longer because of the density of the drink verses juicing.

With both juicing and blending, you want to make sure that you drink right away. If you wait a while you will be losing a lot of nutrients because of light and air destroying them.

So whichever path you choose to take, I hope that this clears up some questions about the differences in juicing verses blending. Both sides have plenty of benefits, and by giving your body fruits and veggies it is already happy!


Stay Healthy, Stay Strong,
Mary Marren

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