What not many people know, is that there is actually a lot you can do here in Whitewater! You just have to do your research and be creative! Here are some things that I have done my past 4 years here on campus to keep me out and about instead of hanging out in my dorm or apartment.

Go on a Hike

            Exercise is great for you and it is an easy way to get out, get moving, and see the beauty that Whitewater has to offer. Here are some of my favorite trails in Whitewater that you can go on: 

  • Brewery Hill Park
  • Cravath Lakefront Park
  • Next to Perkins Stadium
  • Walk around campus

Have a Picnic

            There are so many places where you can lay down a blanket, put up a hammock, or just sit and relax. Some of my favorite places are Starin Park, by the tower by Esker Dining Hall, and even by the intermural fields. Make a day of it, and order or pick up your favorite food! Get a sandwich from Erbs, Pizza from H’eat and Fire, McNuggets from McDonalds, or any other places around Whitewater! 

Activities on Intermural Fields

            The intermural fields are a great place to either get some friends together and do socially distanced activities or even play by yourself. In my free time, my favorite thing to do is go to the intermural fields and kick around a soccer ball either by myself or with others. Some other things that you could do is play frisbee, play catch, football, or even just hang out! Be creative with the space you have!

Go Out to Eat (if comfortable)

            Going out or even getting food is a great way to get out! Getting something different to eat is a very little, but exciting thing. Some of my favorite places that are close to campus and are in a walking distance is Cozumel, McDonald’s, Beijing Buffet, China House, Jimmy Johns, Pizza Hut, and many more! All of these places usually have deals and at most you can use your Purple Points!  Even if you don’t feel comfortable eating in a restaurant right now, you can always order food to go, and bring it back to your dorm/apartment or enjoy it outside!

Take Photos Around Campus

            Campus is beautiful! If you just take an opportunity to walk around and see different areas on campus, there are so many beautiful places for a photo opportunity. Some places that I have taken photos at is the fountain in front of the UC, all of the hiking trails and sidewalks around campus, and my personal favorite is the UW-Whitewater rock that is in front of Perkins Stadium!

Be creative and get out of your dorm or apartment and see what campus and Whitewater has to offer! 

Another great account to follow if you’re looking for things to do in the area is to check out Discover Whitewater’s social media accounts! They post about different local events happening, so there’s always something to do!