As a college student, music is essential to everyday activities. Spotify is one of the mainstreaming services that students use to listen to music, either off their phone or computer. Spotify is a free or paid streaming service. The free service only gives you a certain number of skips along with ads that randomly pop up. Spotify offers college students the premium version for half of the original cost and they get Hulu with it. Coming from a girl that wants to go into the radio industry, I can definitely see that streaming services are taking over. Even DJs use Spotify to feed fans their favorite tracks. For all college students, here are the five different playlists that a student must have!

1. Workout

The perfect workout playlist is upbeat and motivating. Everyone has their preference in music genres, but once you find something that motivates you to workout, that is the genre to stick with. As a college student, scheduling a time to workout can be hard but if you have someone to go with and an awesome playlist you will be motivated to make more time for it!

2. Studying

When I study I like to listen to upbeat music to keep me awake and motivated during long nights. During the day, I like to listen to more of a mellow playlist to keep me at ease and really focused on what I am working on. This playlist is different for everyone. Stick with the music that keeps you focused and helps you understand the material you are working on. Keep away from all distractions!

3. Relax

This playlist needs to be what relaxes you after a long day of class, work, meetings, or practice. When the day is done, most students want to relax for a little bit before hitting the books again. This playlist is any genre that works for you that helps you let loose.

4. Road Trip

This is my personal favorite playlist on my Spotify. Whether it is taking a long road trip with friends for spring break, or even driving back home from college, this playlist needs to be all of your favorite music. This is the perfect playlist to put your favorites on from the 80’s, all the way to today’s hits. Whatever genre it is, it needs to be a playlist that makes a long ride feel like it’s really short!

5. Party

Last but not least, the “Party” playlist. This is a typical college student playlist. As much as people deny it, they party in college in their own way. Whether it is a house party or just hanging out with friends in a dorm room, this playlist makes the night feel too short.  It needs to have an upbeat tempo to it and something everyone can dance to.

Did you UW-Whitewater has their own playlist? Spotify generates all the users who link their school email to their Spotify account and generates a playlist! Kinda cool, right? Take a listen!

These Spotify playlists will be useful to any college student! I never thought that I would need separate playlists for different activities throughout the day. Once I created them I realized that I found the motivation to go to the gym, have better study habits, found time to relax, and have the perfect playlist for my drive home, or hanging out with friends! Today’s generation has music involved in their lives almost every day, so these playlists will help students in school and in their free time!