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Streaming and Tech

Hi, everyone! My name is Hmong Lor Ryder, but you can call me Ryder for short! I am a gaming content creator, where I play video games and record the gameplays and turn them into videos to show to people on social media!

I first started my YouTube channel and building my brand around with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram since June 2018, and I started streaming on Twitch around that time, too! My dream goal is to become a widely known streamer and content creator, because I want to build a welcoming community and make new friends through out gaming. 

At first, I didn’t have much when it comes to posting videos and being able to stream on such limited resources that I can use. So, I did upon some research on my own how to be able to build a setup for gaming on a low budget. It did take some time and I was able to crack a code to where no one was able to find a way to find an easier route to start streaming right away. I did however invest in some money such as buying Blue Yeti microphones and other equipment that I had to buy. Moreover, this video will show you into detail that I found a way to start streaming with a simple app thanks to PlayStation, and my stream setup doesn’t require a video capture card for streaming. For all gaming consoles, you would need a video capture card to capture gameplay from your gaming console to your computer to use for streaming, and I found a way without using a video capture card. This video will show you the equipment I have and go through a step by step process on how to get started streaming! Enjoy! 


  • Brett Reader

    It’s always interesting to see how people create their setups when they don’t want to invest in a capture card. I’ve always been interested in trying to record games because I’ve always wanted to try speedrunning. Maybe this is the push I need to finally start speedrunning.

  • Newlong Lor

    Thanks again for hosting my blog post on your website! Really hope that someday there will be a lot of potential streamers who will use my ideas from the video to start streaming asap!

  • Adam

    It’s great that you share your experience. To show really cool results in the game, you must have a perfect internet connection, and a fast mouse. I want to note that the correct operation of the mouse as a whole greatly optimizes the interaction with the computer, which is why I decided to update it. I had a little connection problems, but then I just found the necessary drivers here

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