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Was everyone wrong about staying in and playing games?

With this week, I decided to do another game-based blog… I know this is about tech, but the world is a bit interesting right now.

Were you ever told that you needed to go outside and that staying indoors and playing games or watching tv was never a good idea? Well with everything happening right now, that is the best thing to do!

So here is an article from the New York Times about a streamer and how they are the go to during this pandemic.


  • Brett Reader

    It’s interesting to see how a job once considered a waste of time and money unintentionally manages to be the most prepared for a pandemic. Maybe this will spark discussion about how we can change workplace behaviors to be better prepared in the future.

  • Ian Dunn

    Some of my family is struggling with loneliness during the pandemic, i’ve been showing them various games (like .io games) and it’s been helping them stay sane.

  • Luke Tegtman

    I watch streamers play Call of Duty every day in the morning. Now with this pandemic, I have it on for a good part of the day. These gamers must be racking in the bucks with all of these subs.

  • perral

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