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So today I’m going to do something that could be helpful to some people, but to others, it could be simple and things you already know… I’m going to do basic computer tips for everyday use

So, some of these tips you might already know about, but these are the most regular ones that I get in my internship and from people that ask.

If you closed a window that you did not mean to close, you can easily get it back. You could either go to your history or recent tabs option in the search bar, or you could use the key short cut. So if you are on windows, it is “control”+“shift”+“T”. But if you are on Mac you replace control with command.

If you want to quickly switch between windows or tabs on your screen you can use “alt”+“tab” or “command”+“tab” on Mac to switch apps or windows

If you want to switch between tabs within the same app, you can use “control”+“tab”. This will move to the tab to the right.

If you want to close and lock your screen, without closing your tabs, if you hit the “windows” button + “L”. This is if you don’t want to close your tabs, and only want to lock your screen.

If you are trying to find a specific word or phrase in the entire doc, click “control”+“F” or “command”+“F” to open a nav menu that lets you search for specific items.

If you want to multi window on your computer, click the top of the app and drag to the side of your screen. If you drag to middle of the screen, it will split monitor in 2, but if you drag to the corners, you can split 4 windows on your monitor. For Macs, you can do this to, but the app windows need to be full screen, so you need to hit the green button next to the close window button in the upper corner. If you want to full screen a window and just have that window Fullscreen, drag the window to the top of the monitor.

If you have any tips/shortcuts that i did not say, be sure to put them below!


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