Giannis Out; Bucks Still WIn

The past couple of weeks, Giannis has been out with a knee injury though was able to come back last night to play against the Hawks. Before that, the bucks played the Orlando magic and the Minnesota timberwolves. Though Giannis was out, we were able to secure the win in both of those games. Khris Middleton played well in these games scoring above 20 points in each game. The timberwolves game showed that we can have multiple players scoring effectively in a game. Khris Middleton had 27 points shooting 9-15, Brook Lopez had 18 points, Jrue Holiday had 15, Connaughton and Forbes both had 14 points and Bobby Portis scored 13. Our entire team was able to score against the timberwolves and it was a good game to watch. Last night against the Hawks was a good game all around as well. No one scored a big amount with points all around. Jrue had 24 though and was getting great passes off with 7 assists as well. Brook Lopez was hitting deep threes and also getting to the paint with strength which was nice to see. And Giannis came back scoring 15 points which isn’t bad considering he just came back from injury. If we can continue to play with consistency and get everyone to score, we can make a good playoff run and see the finals too. Let me know what you guys think!

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